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S : SLAYER : Hell Awaits

Hell Awaits
Текст песни Praise of Death

Praise of Death

(lyrics hanneman; music king)

Deceased in mind decree of death
Blackened heart baptized in fire
Exertion now need to blitz
Vicious ways brought up in hell

Draw the line life or death
Potent thrust excessive pain
Massive dose adrenalin
Minor threat can not decline

Stricken to live, hell on earth
Shackled and bound we lie
Praise of death life's a dream
We're only living to die

Victim of life insanity lives
Deep in shock intensive care
Tables turned blast of strength
Kill at once time to prevail

Begin to crank feel the rush
Start to rage take to extremes
Push too far overkill
Time to die no way to win


(lead - king)

Running and hunting and slashing
And crushing and searching
And seeing and stabbing and shooting
And thrashing and smashing and
Burning destroying and killing
And bleeding and pleading then death

(lead - king, hanneman, king, hanneman, king, hanneman)

At mach ten velocity
Pressure builds can't take the strain
Life blood flows to it's grave
Dripping sweat, death shall erase

Time to think time to breath
Feel the pulse life will expire
Surging speed hell afast
Cardiac cease to exist


(lead - king)

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