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S : SKINNY PUPPY : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Death


Holding his hands. dream the whole week. radiance. hissing rodents speak.
Elective evil once started. shot struck home. so it goes.

Inches towards flattened back. on all fours, drawn and racked doesn't mean a thing.
Nature perverts itself. so it goes. so what the hell ? let it grow. resist so full of
Haste coming sneer (clear). piss in blood. no one should ever have to.

Cut. assemble. resembled. played out wording. disturbing. quiet saying. relaying.
A message raising. cain's revenge.

Got a few. no fucking whacked. house of cards. dealing smack. crimson folding.
Driving told. I'm never holding one thing back. credit full of nothing. slither. here
The one thing's back. licking dogs. no hook. no song. feeling high. fantasise.
Wonder why. suck them dry. choppy waves. take a dive.

Crash. enable. disabled. effect not carried. no power in. quiet playing. re-saying.
Never more and never again.

Distort the monomaniac delivering the blow. core. rotted bone. distort the
Monomaniac. black mass held upon the radio doesn't mean a thing. be it what or
Ever could. doesn't mean a thing. sinister creation doesn't mean a thing. evocation
Of the dead. moses forbidding it. doesn't mean a thing. doesn't mean a thing.

Worm like ticking art worth shit. we play upon the things we fear. the smell is foul.
Where does it fit ? screw yourself. go screw yourself. no one should ever have to.
How do you sleep when it's still alive ?

Never too deep. take a look inside.

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