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S : SILKK THE SHOCKER : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Beef


Do y'all wanna do (what y'all wanna do, what)
Do y'all really want beef (do y'all)
And do y'all want it with me (uh-uh)
I don't think sooooooo

Do y'all wanna do (what y'all wanna do, what)
Do y'all really want beef (do y'all)
And do y'all want it with me

[silkk the shocker]
I thought I left, all that drama dog, back in the streets
I gotta result to riding low, and my homies in the back seat
See, you know we the type of boys that burn blocks
I ain't fucking wit them boys, them boys done turned pop
They should of turned and run, but now they turned and come
They wanna turn to gun, I gotta turn to none
See, y'all gone fuck around and turn me back to the old silkk
And them boys who know me, y'all know silkk
They know I'm the shocker, that means I don't play no games
I say it directly, but this time I ain't gone say no names
Uh, my whole click, they with it, with it
And you know, no ski mask on who did it, did it, (did it)


Now, check this out
Now what you wanna do, cause too many niggas are feeling played
'til I check 'em and correct 'em, and totally disrespect 'em
Like bitches, they snitches, motivated by nigga's riches
And want be satisfied 'til they die, or lost in ditches
Bury me tru nigga shit no limit records
Respect us, and never check us, real naggers we causing ruckus
And the 504, the boot, the south, the gutter, and the swamp
Fake naggers can't hang or slang cause they get banged and even stomped

You can tell these bitch naggers, don't want war with me
I'm a iberville nigga 'till they bury me
Recognize, I'm a motherfucking soldier nigga
Hearing screams from your family while I'm clutching my trigga
My whole click, straight up scandalous, if it's beef, you will see
Naggers heads getting bust, if they fuck with me
These naggers don't wanna fuck with us, they betta get out tha way
Holiday gotta k, he knows where you stay

(suga bear) do you really wanna mess with me
Fool around and be my enemy [*repeat 3x*]
Do you really wanna mess with me
Hand me the thang so we can handle beef

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