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S : SILKK THE SHOCKER : Charge It 2 Da Game

Charge It 2 Da Game
Текст песни Who Can I Trust

Who Can I Trust

Yeah, I let you in to the organization
(fucking organization)
I thought you could be trusted
(I thought you could be fucking trusted)
You could have had anything
(you could have had anything)
How could you betray the family
Loyalty is everything
(every fucking thing)
You broke the rules
(you broke the fucking rules)
Its a code we live by
There's no turning back now
(welcome to this fucking piece of shit)


Who can you trust to watch your back
Who can you trust when the enemy comes strapped
Who can I trust in this time of greed
Who can I trust to look out for me (hey)

[silkk the shocker]

How could ya, when you did it you lost me
I would of gave you the world so how could you cross me
I break bread with my tru on watch my friends and foes
Toast hennesy trust nobody keep my enemies close
Now all the time I just wanted wanted to be free
And all the time I tried to help you just wanted to be me
Sometimes I just wanna take clips and go to war all on my own
Trusting my tru niggas and my tru brothers and I don't wanna
Got tat on my own now if it was mine it was yours if I had it
You had it you told me watch my front you gone watch my back
I did that you stabbed me nigga be snitchin' to the cops
Send me to the penitentiary even if it's packed
But just mention me to my enemies the ones that stabbed me in the back


I wonder who can I trust when I out bustin' blastin' my guns
I wonder who can I trust to hop when I'm on the run
I wonder who can I trust to hold my last piece of stash
I wonder who can I trust to hang with my best piece of ass
I knew it was fate by the day when I looked in his eyes
I get beside love is trust some nigga came by
I heard he workin' with them people nigga kicked in my door
Got me facin' all kinds fucked up charges got me sittin' in court
(everybody rise)
Take my last stand it's my last chance but take that warrant to my last dance
Before they sentence me I through 'em in the court room and hollered
(it's ok) looked 'em in his eyes and wispered you're a coward


[people talking]

D.e.a. boy (freeze get on the fucking ground and don't move)
What part of the game is this
Part of the game where the fat lady sings boy it's over for you
I'm just sittin' here tryin' to make money
Not no 'mo that shits over charge it to the game
How the fuck y'all found out who told ya'll
It was your homey partner


Who can you trust (haha) who can you trust
Rest in piece biggie rest in piece pac
Who can you trust

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