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Без сортировки
Текст песни Paradise



There is a land I know where lovers go and flowers grow forevermore
Where time is standing still and lovers fill the quiet places by the shore
We will cross the rainbow to a place where we'll be free
Where he'll give his love to me
So I wait for the day when he takes me away to...

He'll take me by the hand to
We'll walk along the sand in
A never never land
Wo wo wo

We'll build a castle there so we can share the happiness we've waited for
While white flamingos fly way up high,way above the ocean's roar
We will climb a mountain to see our wonderland
Maybe now you'll understand
Why I wait for the day when he takes me away to...


(stand by him)
I'll stand by him
(do right by him)
Do right by him
And I swear that I would die for him,
Die for him

(repeat chorus except never never land and on. ooh ooh some there.)

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