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S : SEVENDUST : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Wired


1st verse

Lock my door
Close my blinds
I wanna be myself

What's that thing
You put in your nose?
Can I have some?

I see you do this everyday
I hope you don't
Blow yourself away
Are you feeling real good?


Wired (wired)
Wired (wired)

2nd verse

Oh the room is getting dark
Oh I hope my heart don't stop
Do you really give a damn?
Do you even understand?

(understand me)

3rd verse

Hour glass is taining thin
Where have you been?

Do you know it makes you
Feel real good


Wired (wired) (repeat three times)

Lock my door
Close my blinds
I wanna be by myself
(by myself)
Are you wired my child?
You live your life too would
Seeing things you never knew.
One day it'll get you

Are you?

What's that thing
You put in your nose?
Are you gonna do it
By yourself ?

I feel like I'm closing in
I hope my life
Will never end
You know I feel like

Wired (repeat seven times)

All songs written by sevendust 1996

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