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S : SAMMY KERSHAW : Haunted Heart

Haunted Heart
Текст песни Neon Leon

Neon Leon

(buddy cannon/larry bastian)

Here he comes, neon leon
Lookin? so fine, with his gold chains on
Got a customized caddy with the top snapped down
He's known everywhere in town as neon leon

He's too cool, neon leon
Out there twistin? designer shades on
He can bop he can move you right in the groove
And he's got all the moves, he's neon leon

All the dancin? stops when he begins
The guys just watch while the girls go after him
Neon leon, neon leon

Cruisin? main, neon leon
Goin? so slow, his white scarf on
Got his hair slicked, a duck tail style
Cars backed up for miles for neon leon
Parked outside the drive-in eatin? fries
The coolest man in the world for a town this size
Neon leon, neon leon

Man look at them fender skirts
You ever seen so much chrome in your life
Look at the way he rolls them cigarettes up in his sleeves
Ain't that cool? that's cool
I hear he's gonna move on down to louisiana and buy him a bar
And call it you all leons
I'm gonna go there

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