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Текст песни Here We Come

Here We Come

Here we come, here we come
Here we come, here we come baby
Here we come, here we come
Here we come, here we come

Here comes the sisters with the stuff
Here comes the sisters with the stuff
Here come, here come, here comes, here comes, here..

Here come the sisters with the stuff
Bringing home the bacon, fryin' it up in the pan
Here we come sexy yet rough
And we never let you ever forget you're a man

I'm a nineties girl, that's what they call me
I work hard for my family, doin' it all, see?
Just so happens that I choose to rhyme
Like my homegirl rage, yo, I gets busy with mine
Spend quality time with my baby on the norm
But when it's time to get the nook, yo, I go on strong
Black, intelligent, wise beyond my years
No time for frontin', no time for fears
You gots to get yours, I gots to get mine
Nine times out of ten gotta fend for self sometimes
It's hard enough out here on your own
But I got what it takes, I rule the throne
Pick up to the women out there on your own
Livin' swell, see, and doin' it, and doin' it well
Hey, hell, no one can stop me, I got the knack
Making funny matter phat just by making phat tracks
Who's world is this? you know the world is mine
Salt and pepa adding flavor to the bump one time
Two times for your mind, one more for your body
To work ya harder, when it's friday it's time to party


Sexy and rough, I had enough
Yep, I said, well, let me shoot the real stuff
Bang-bang people know my name, claim to fame
A bell rang, now I gets paid for the slang
I take care of things cuz you know I will
Responsibilties and I still do how I feel
But it ain't just me anymore
Me and my baby give our heart and my soul like it's sporadic
Convulsions of laughter, spittin' out rapture
I'm not the one to go after
In fact-a, the attitude is cheerful, come on and get a earful
We do it all only never small show
Yo, spinderella takes care of her business
Salt and pepa definitely in this to win this
We bring home the bacon and make crazy hoochie
Don't mistake me for a ho, hell no, I'm not a coochie (here I come)

Here we come, here we come
Here we come, here we come baby
Here we come, here we come
Here we come, here we come

It costed nothing but change to remain true sisters of the game
Blowin' suckers out the frame - pow!
Hard work payin' off, baby paw
You know who we are going far on this here coup-de-grace
Ini-mini-miny behind me the loser
Could hold for a sec but got wrecked by the bruiser
Didn't know who's the real tag-team here
The one-two-three dance, now it's all clear
Did we taunt, pomp, stomp, romp
Open up a pre-school to babysit the competion
Yes, and the mission I'm dissin'
To write the premonition so no switchin' position
I make the bacon so crispy, no need to get pissed or mad
I does it all, kid, I'm bad
So don't let your pride eat your inside
Independent, black's a fact, and saw razorback
Feminine females with a ? ? ?
Go 'head, dare to attack, bet you can't do with nothin'
Cuz a... here we come, here we come

Here we come, here we come
Here we come, here we come baby
Here we come, here we come
Here we come, here we come

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