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R : RY COODER : Get Rhythm

Get Rhythm
Текст песни Women Will Rule The World

Women Will Rule The World

(raymond quevedo)

How different the ladies of long ago to the modern women that we all know
If you observe you are bound to see that sex has changed entirely
A long ago their one ambition in life, was to be a mother and a wife
Now they go out imitating the males by smoking cigarettes and drinking cocktails

Girls used to like to be school teachers, gradually becoming stenographers
We next hear of them as lecturers, authors and engineers
There is no limit to their ambition, they've even gone in for aviation
And if you men don't assert control your women will rule the world

Play a bridge!

Now they say anything that your man can do, they also can achieve too
And they've openly boasted to do their part in the literature and art
We will next hear of them as candidates for the president of these united states
And if you men don't assert control your women will rule the world

Now you hear on the radio and tv of a great national calamity
Story of tragic proportion coming from the white house in washington
The facts in the case are clearly stated the president is being cruely dominated
By a international conspiracy that threatens world peace and security

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