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R : RY COODER : Get Rhythm

Get Rhythm
Текст песни Going Back to Okinawa

Going Back to Okinawa

(ry cooder)

Goin' back down to okinawa
Sorry, baby, but I can't take you
You better stay at home in california
There's nothing over there that you can do

Goin' back down to okinawa
Ain't gonna do me like you've done before
They treat me like a king down in okinawa
And I may never come back no more

It's just an island floating in the sun
Everybody is having so much fun
Pretty mamas laying in the sand
Sure to know how to treat your man

Okinawian baby, won't you come by me ?
Sun going down in the china sea
Making love on the beach all night
Okinawa moon is shining so bright

Folks in okinawa sure have fun
They get together when the working day is done
Drinking cheap wine. and making romance
While some old man's doing the okina dance

Back in the days of world war ii
Fought against the japanese like me and you
Everybody's worried Ў®bout world war iii
Okinawa's just the place where I'm gonna be

Going back to okinawa
Sorry, but I can't take you
Never coming back no more, baby

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