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R : RY COODER : Chicken Skin Music

Chicken Skin Music
Текст песни I Got Mine

I Got Mine

(c) - (f) - (g) - (am)

(c) and I went down to a big crap game,
'twas (f) certainly against my (c) will.
I lost every doggone nickel I had
But a (g) greenback dollar bill.
(c) forty dollar that laid on the floor
My (f) buddy's point was (c) nine
Well, the (f) police they come in there
And (am) caught all of 'em
But (c) I (g) got (c) mine.

I got mine, let me tell ya
(f) I got (c) mine.
I grabbed that money
Out the back door (g) I went flying
Well, (c) ever since the big crap game
I've been (f) livin' on chicken and (c) wine.
I'm the (f) leader of so (am) ciety
Since (c) I (g) got (c) mine.

I know a barber shop
It's a way cross town
Down on norfolk street
It's the only place on a saturday night
That us gamblers gets to meet
Some comes for a haircut
And others come for a scrap
And when you see me and my buddies up there, man
We means to shoot some crap
Hollering: seven, eleven, won't you come, come, come!!!
If you don't seven, eleven them
You're done, done, done
If I see the police before he sees me
I'm gonna run, run, run
I'm the leader of society
Since I got mine

Well, I went down to my best girl's house
The hour was just about nine
I wasn't dressed up like henry ford
But I was feeling just as fine
I caught her sitting on another man's knee
And I didn't like that sign
Well, I told them what I thought about it, boys
And I got mine

I got mine, I got mine
I grabbed my hat and through the window
I went flying
I ran as fast as I could run
But I didn't get there in time
Because the rascal grabbed a shotgun, lord
And I got mine

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