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R : RY COODER : Chicken Skin Music

Chicken Skin Music
Текст песни He'll Have to Go

He'll Have to Go

(f) - (bþ) - (dm) - (c7) - (f7)

Put your (f) sweet lips a little (bþ) closer to the (f) phone
And let's pretend that we're to (dm) gether all a (c7) lone
I'll tell the (f) man to turn the (f7) jukebox way down (bþ) low
And you can (f) tell your friend there (c7) with you
He'll have to (f) go

Whisper to me, tell me do you love me too ?
Or is he holding you the way I do ?
Though love is blind, make up your mind
I've got to know
Should I hang up or will you tell him
He'll have to go ?

(f7) you can (bþ) say the words I wanna hear
When you're (f) with some other man
(f7) do you (bþ) want to answer yes or no
Darling, (f) I will under (c7) stand

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