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R : ROYAL CROWN REVUE : Mugzy's Move

Mugzy's Move
Текст песни The Rise & Fall of The Great Mondello

The Rise & Fall of The Great Mondello

(eddie nichols/scott steen/bill ungerman)
Arranged by bill ungerman and scott steen

Ladies and gents
Your attention please
Let's look to the flying trapeze
The great mondello will take to the sky
Watch him go-see him fly!

Now this wonder will start with some flips
While the ladies are bitin' their lips
Now the tension is high
As it gets, сthat's right folks no netsж

This cat was flying through with
The greatest of ease
All of a sudden he missed the trapeze
Down and down, down and down
Kersplatty on the ground

Come and see where mondello did land
The poor fellow is in the lord's hands
Oh me oh my what a shame
Nothing left
Just a stain

Ladies and gents your attention please
The service will be held at three
Invite the trainers, the clowns and the geeks
That's all folks go home see you next week

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