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Текст песни Suzie



I used to be so shy
I'd just sit home and cry
And wish that I could die
Till lately, my oh my
I met that certain guy
He makes me feel so alive

Well I wake up every mornin' in a different world
I look in the mirror and I say hey girl
Oh well, you're comin' out of your shell

I say to myself hey sue
There's such a change in you
For you're no longer blue
Since he made your dreams come true
So suzie, sue, suzie q
What are you gonna do?

Gonna treat my baby like a king
For him I'd do most anything
Ah suzie, ring-a-ding-ding-ding

Suzie girl, I can tell
You're completely out of your shell
Ah suzie, you're doing swell

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