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Текст песни Just Another Girlfriend

Just Another Girlfriend

You say that I am all a girl like me could be
And you say that all that you need you find in me
And that feels good, ´cause that is all a girl wants to hear
But are you telling me this baby just to keep me near
My soul and all of my heart i´ll give to you
But my trust is something that I put in few
So baby if you want it all you´ve got to show me
That what you say you`re gonna do
Is something that will become reality
So will you love me, let´s say one year from now
And if you will baby can you tell me how
´cause I wanna know, i´m not gonna play the fool again
I wanna be more than just another girlfriend
Just another girlfriend, just another girlfriend
So this is it, this is where your choice has to be made ´cause I ain´t goin´ no further if I don´t know
What´s ahead
But don´t get me wrong, all I want is you to stay with me baby won´t you stay with me baby
But not here, not where we are today
Will you leave or will you stay, will you stay another day

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