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R : RICK SPRINGFIELD : Beautiful Feelings

Beautiful Feelings
Текст песни Cold Feet

Cold Feet

He just turned seventeen
When the moment came
He was standing on the corner
In the pouring rain

She pulled up along side
And rolled the window down
And said can I drive you
To some part of town

He's sitting beside her
With a great big smile
The lady had class
It stood out a mile

His heart was beating
Like a big bass drum
Thinking at last
His time had finally come

He started talkin' fast
Trying to loosen up
But he just felt kinda stupid
So he shut up

She said don't think I'm fast
'cause I'm really not
But his fever went all wild
It was getting hot

She pulled into the driveway
Of a big brown stone
He was champing at the bit
And then her heart be told

She said my husband's working
He'll be gong all day
But he couldn't believe it
When he heard himself say

I'm getting cold feet
I'm getting cold feet
Lady don't ya hear me talking to you
Hey there's something that you can do
I'm so nervous I just might shoot you
I've got them cold, cold feet

Well a couple years on
And our hero's grown
He's a professional musician
With a band of his own

Hadn't had much luck
With the girls that he meets
Might get another case of terminal cold feet

He met a girl not too long ago
She thought she could change him
But it wasn't so
As soon as she mentioned long term romance
He went into that same old song and dance

I'm getting cold feet
C-c-c-c-c- cold feet
I'm getting cold feet
C -c-c-c-c- cold feet
Mamma don't ya hear me talkin' to you
No ain't there something that you can do
I'm so nervous I just might shoot you

I've got cold, cold, cold, cold
Upset about it
Cold, cold, cold, cold
You know I gottem'
Cold, cold, cold, cold
Said I've got them cold, cold feet

He increased his quota
Of one night stands
It was kind of a complex
You understand

He would treat'em real mean
He was low down and dirty
Now he's gotta make some changes
Cause he's nearly thirty

Cause see he had a dream
Just the other night
He was standing in god's ever present light
And God said, I'd like to let your life run it's coarse
But you'd understand I'm having second thoughts

I'm getting cold feet
C-c-c-c- cold feet
I'm getting cold feet
C-c-c-c- cold feet

Richard don't ya here me talking to you
I think you know what you have to do
You gotta make some changes
You got them
Cold, cold, cold, cold
They're getting rigid
Cold, cold, cold, cold
You're getting frigid
Cold, cold, cold, cold
I said you got them cold, cold feet

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