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Текст песни Happy


Starting out a brand new day
Got the whole world in my hands
Got the whole world in my hands

Judging from your sorry face
You want to sabotage my plans
Won't let you sabotage my plans

Why can't you see,
I just want to be ha ha happy

......I've been through
All I'll wanna do
Is give you some good news
Chasing the bad blues
Do what I have to
So you can be happy

... your brown (? ) into frown (? )
Must you always drag me down
I won't let you drag me down

Brag (? ) you're mouth into a smile
But you smile without your eyes
You won't make it worth my while

Why can't you see
I just wanna be ha ha happy

...... being cool
You're just rude
So don't be a big fool
Loose that bad attitude
Do what you have to do
So you can be ha ho home
My old .........
Why do you look so blur
Now you got me stunned
I wanna have some fun
Do you want some, do you, do you
Do you, do you want some, do you,
Do you want, do you, do you want some
What? !

............let me go (? )
But you're just rude
Making me wishes (? )
Give me some good news
Do what I have to
So you can be

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