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Текст песни The Big Bad Broken Heart

The Big Bad Broken Heart

(mark d. sanders/ed hill)

I told mamma, time to make my way now
I'll be departin` any day now
She dried a tear and whispered, well ok now
Then she proceeded to offer me this advice
She said some night you're gonna find romance
Some boy who is gonna want a slow dance
You'll melt when he takes a hold of your hand
Well thats one time you might outta better think twice

Sometimes love strikes like lightning
Never seen nothing so exciting
Head over heals and thats where the trouble starts
Boys will lead you on like it's all or nothing
When they start that huffin` and a puffin`
Watch out for the big bad broken heart

Those boys don't know the word devotion
Passion is just a passing motion
They'll leave you bobbing in loves ocean
With a sea of tears welling up in your eyes

(repeat chorus)

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