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Текст песни She'll Let That Telephone Ring

She'll Let That Telephone Ring

(tim mensy/liz hengber)

Once again it's calling to her
Its a sound she knows
Through the night it's getting louder
It must know she's home
Its trying to wear her down
As she sits softly crying
Feeling weak but being strong
She lets that telephone ring

She used to run each time he called
She'd always give in
His voice would melt her
And wash away his sins
She'd forgive him
But tonight she's keeping
That hand from reaching
She'll let that telephone ring

From a phone booth he just listens
Why don't she pick up
He's been trying now for hours
Still he won't hang up
He's feeling desparate now
As the rain starts falling
He can't face it that it's over
He lets that telephone ring

(repeat chorus)

She turns the light off
Lays her head down
Lets that telephone ring

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