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Текст песни Right Plan, Wrong Man

Right Plan, Wrong Man

(bill douglas/pebe sebert)

Becky had a guy she was crazy about
Met him in her home room class
She wore his letter jacket
And she had no doubt
That what they had was gonna last
They talked about kids and a little white house
With a porch swing and picket fence
But on graduation night he went out with the guys
She ain't never seen him since

She had the right plan, just the wrong man
But she ain't giving up on love
Her hearts been broken but she understands
She had the right plan, just the wrong man

Now becky is a beautitian at the cut and curl
And willy works for ups
Willy asked becky if she'd be his girl
And becky told willy yes
They sneak out to the van
And they make their plans
Five acres and a set of twins
But she caught willy with the waitress from the waffle house
Checkin` out at holiday inn

(repeat chorus)

Now all her girlfriends they just shake their heads
Sayin` girl you got some nerve
But becky don't care knows he's out there somewhere
She ain't never givin` up

(repeat chorus)

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