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Без сортировки
Текст песни Border Town Road

Border Town Road

(wally wilson/paul nelson/larry boone)

She was taught the world was small
That it's all dirt and dust
Sunday school and country songs
Things a girl can trust

She'll learn her lesson well
She played her part
But those back roads couldn't give
What was missing in her heart

You can make love staring at the stars
From the cold back seat of a beat up car
But there's only so far that a small town girl can go
When the sun comes up it's still the same old sun
'cuz the moon don't hang out on border town road

She thinks of all the reasons
Why she outta stay right here
A river that runs deep and wide
A sky thats always clear
She knows she can live her life
Just to watch those seasons change
What's she supposed to do with those relentless dreams

(repeat chorus)

In her room she packs her clothes
To the glow of a distant light
She knows the moon is shining
Somewhere on the other side

(repeat chorus)

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