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Текст песни Before I Knew About You

Before I Knew About You

(gary burr/tom shapiro)

Before I knew about you
The moon was just a rock
That hung there silent in the sky
Before I knew about you
I guess it's all the dreams
Were just a way to pass the night

Nothing, I heard nothing
When I listened to those love songs
I wondered, was it something
I was missing
Then you came along

I didn't know
I could ever be so loved
I didn't know
That I could give so much
I didn't know
In this life a heart could be so true
I didn't know a thing
Before I knew about you

Before I knew about you
I thought of only me
And how'd I get from day to day
Before I knew about you
I didn't mind the lonely
I never learned another way

I was in the darkness
So it rocked me
Then around came on
A new life, it started
And it shocked me
How far I had come

(repeat chorus twice)

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