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R : REBA MCENTIRE : So Good Together

So Good Together
Текст песни I'll Be

I'll Be

(diane warren)

When darkness falls upon your heart and soul
I`ll be the light that shines for you
When you forget how beautiful you are
I`ll be there to remind you
When you can`t find your way
I`ll find my way to you
When troubles come around
I will come to you

I`ll be your shoulder
When you need someone to lean on
Be your shelter
When you need someone to see you through
I`ll be there to carry you
I`ll be there
I`ll be the rock that will be strong for you
The one that will hold on to you
When you feel that rain falling down
When there`s no body else around
I`ll be

And when you`re there with no one there to hold
I`ll be the arms that reach for you
And when you feel your faith is running low
I`ll be there to believe in you
When all you find are lies
I`ll be the truth you need
When you need someone to run to
You can run to me


I`ll be the sun
When your heart`s filled with rain
I`ll be the one
To chase the rain away

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