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R : REBA MCENTIRE : Secret of Giving

Secret of Giving
Текст песни Santa Claus is Coming Back to Town

Santa Claus is Coming Back to Town

(roxie dean, sonny tillis)

He was always santa claus to them
Every year he'd magically appear here in our den
They would laugh and tease and say you look a lot like dad
He'd just smile and ask, have you been good or bad?

Oh, but life ain't always like a holiday
Some things change, and sometimes people go their seperate ways
He just called and said he'd like to be here for the kids
Wish them merry christmas when they open up their gifts
And even though it might be hard on me
How can I let them down?
So santa claus is coming back to town

Here it is christmas eve - the kids are sleeping
Lights flashing in the trees - I keep thinking
Tomorrow I'll see him, tomorrow I'll see him

I guess I ought to try to go to bed
I can't rehearse tomorrow any longer in my head
He'll walk in so nonchalant, as if he'd never gone
They'll be glad to see him, I'll be barely hanging on
And just like that he'll go and turn my whole world upside down
Santa claus is coming back to town

No it's never really easy when this time of year rolls around
'cause santa claus is coming back to town

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