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R : REBA MCENTIRE : Oklahoma Girl

Oklahoma Girl
Текст песни We'll Waltz in Love Tonight

We'll Waltz in Love Tonight

(tom davey, johnny macrae, bob morrison)

I saw you softly smiling
And the band begins to play
Your eyes they seem to whisper
Let's dance the night away

We two stepped and we polkad
But the magic happened when
We waltzed together and knew
That we never be changing partners again

So while the music's playing
Let's hold each other tight
You're heart and mine
In three quarter mine
And we'll waltz in love tonight

The day is finally over
The kids are all in bed
The troubles of our busy life
Are dancing in our heads
We barely hear the radio
Till the waltz begins to play
And there's no concealing
The magic, the feeling
Just sweeps our hearts away

Repeat chorus

Your heart and mine
In 3 quarter time
And we'll waltz in love tonight

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