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Текст песни San Antonio Rose

San Antonio Rose

(bob wills)

Oh you and all your splendor
It knows only me heart
Call back my rose
Rose of san antone
Oh lips so sweet and tender
Just like petals fallin' apart
Speak once again of my love
My ol' broken songs
Empty words I know
Still live in my heart all alone
For that moonlit path
Oh beside the alamo
And rose my rose of san antone
Oh my rose my rose of san antone

Take a bow boys!

You know a lot of people ask me all the time,
Who were my musical influences.
Well I guess it's just kinda natural,
Since I was raised in oklahoma,
That one of my musical influences was bob wills music.
When I was in college we used to
Sneak down to the oklahoma and texas border and go to dances.
And it didn't get any better than dancing to bob wills music.
But you know there was another guy from oklahoma.
I had every album he ever put out.
My older brother
Pake and my little sister susie and me, we sang every song he did
Cause merle haggard was a great influence on all of us.

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