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Текст песни If You Should Ever Be Lonely

If You Should Ever Be Lonely

Deep in the night, deep in the night.
Deep in the night I'm all alone, I can hear you calling me, calling on the telephone.
I think about it baby, every night everyday
How I promised you devotion but you threw it all away.

If you should ever be lonely, think of the times, think of the moments we share,
If you should ever be lonely, think of the times, think of the moments we share.

I've been thinking about the way you haven't treated me right,
Me right yeah,
I've been dreaming about you baby, I can see you tonight, tonight.
Cuz you know how I feel inside my heart we shouldn't be apart.
And I wonder what's running inside your mind, you started to make me cry.


You came back to me baby cuz you're not good at lies...at lies yeah.
I can see through you baby, see through you right through your eyes, your eyes.
Cuz we know how we make each other feel, you shouldn't be alone,
So why don't you call me baby, pick up the telephone.
I thought about it baby, all the moments sometimes, I stayed awake at night.
Up on the telephone lines. I tried so hard to fight you,
Didn't know what I could do. going out with other girls, do you think that I'm a fool?
I guess that you should have listened when your mama would say,
You don't know what you got until it is taken away.
I've given you every chance to be my one and only,
You better call someone else if you should ever have to be lonely.
There's been so many times you've done me wrong and I've forgiven you.
So why don't you come on baby, you know I can see it's true.

Chorus several times

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