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Текст песни My Christmas Wish

My Christmas Wish

[from "Radio Disney Jingle Jams" compilation]

It's My Christmas Wish
That You Love Me Too
I Wanna Spend Everyday With You

It's My Christmas Wish
That You’ll Always Be There
Cause Without You I Know I'd Be Nowhere


I've Been Lovin' You For So Long
Baby I Cant Pretend (ummm)
These Feelings For You Oh Will Never End (oh)
Why I Don’t Know What I Can Do
I Can Not Say
But I Cant Go On Another Day
Living This Way (hey)

It's My Christmas Wish That You Love Me Too
I Wanna Spend Everyday With You
Its My Christmas Wish That You’ll Be There
Without You I Know That I'd Be Nowhere
My Christmas Wish Your My Christmas Wish

Sometimes Christmas Can Feel Like The Lonelyest Times
Lonely Time Of The Year
Cause I Can't Have You Baby
Holding Me / Holding Me Near (oh oh)


And When I Wish Upon My Christmas Star
My Christmas Wish Will Be To Be Where You Are
Until I Neal Down And Pray
That You Will Be Mine On Christmas Day

[Chorus 2x]

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