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Текст песни The Truth is Lyin' Next to You

The Truth is Lyin' Next to You

Everybody said I'd leave you

They gave us six months to a year
Said our love would just fall pray to
The jukebox, women and the beer

They wanna get those rumours flyin'
They're watchin' for a rendez-vous
But if they ever say I'm cheatin'
They'll be lyin'
The truth is lyin' next to you


Thruth is
I'm gonna be here for a long long time
I'll stay forever or 'til you say goodbye
Don't need a neon moon to make my night shine
And if you need some lovin' proof

Just reach out
The truth is lyin' next to you
Over phone lines and back fences
We're the talk of this whole town
They just shake their heads in wonder
They can't believe I'm still around

They can search the backstreet barrooms
To see if I'm with someone new
But if they ever say they saw me
They'll be lyin'
The thruth is lyin' next to you

(repeat chorus twice)

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