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R : RANDY TRAVIS : Без сортировки

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Текст песни The Hole

The Hole

A friend of mine bought himself a shovel
Said iвm gonna tunnel me a mine
He set out to be a rich man
Happiness is what he thought heвd fine

Got in to deep to see the diamond
Down to dark to see the gold
Now he wonвt let go of the shovel
And he canвt dig out of the hole

Deeper and deeper heвs going down
Driving his future right into the ground
He thinks heвs closer the further he goes
But heвs still on the bottom
And he canвt dig out of the hole
I tried to throw the man a life line
I tried to send him down a rope
I donвt think he hears me calling
But everyday I pray and hope
Somehow he finally gets the message
Every spade of dirt he throws
Only gets him closer to the devil
And he canвt dig out of the hole

Repeat chorus:
Maybe we could learn a little lesson
Maybe thisвll shine a little light
Cause theirs no healthy way to mess with
The line between wrong and right

Use the one chance youвve been given
Cause once your in the ground and cold
Itвs too late to start livin?
You see you canвt dig out of the hole

Repeat chorus:

Itвs hell on the bottom
And you canвt dig out of the hole

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