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R : RANDY TRAVIS : Без сортировки

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Текст песни Out of My Bones

Out of My Bones

I'm in need of a remedy to cure me from loving you
It may sound a little extreme I'll do what I have to do


Bury your jacket in my backyard
Carry your picture in my shoe
Keep walking till the hurting stops
Keep walking till my temperature drops
Keep walking till the fever is gone
And you're out of my bones

I'm in need of a medicine
Something strong that'll work real fast
That I can take to fortify me
To keep my arm from taking you back
Chase that ghost out from under my bed
Still these voices in my head
They keep talking weaving their spell
But I'm talking to myself
I keep em talking to daylight to dawn
Till you're out of my bones

Sweet amnesia come and set me free
I just need to get you out of me

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