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P : PUBLIC ENEMY : There's a Poison Goin On

There's a Poison Goin On
Текст песни Crash


People runnin on empty
Rock the sympte
Outside 2001
Other side of the sun

Running, here we go tumblin
Few solutions, honey they polluted the future
Got me thinking of a new thing
Computer souls, controlled by confusion
You be clubbin, while the world around you crumblin
Think it's funny? bunch of crash test dummy's
If all this shit, means the end of my money,
This is a stick up, off go the pagers and celly's
Us dollar, ain't worth what it's printed on,
Backed by the pentagon, sounds like babylon,
So I babble on, some of us stuck
In them barbershops and them hair salons,
While the crash comin at your ass...
While the crash comin at your ass like a bomb.

Now it all comes tumblin, runnin
Time is runnin runnin crash is coming,
Break the bank, spinning since the beginning,
Now it all comes tumblin, crumblin
Time is runnin runnin crash is coming,
Break the bank, spinning since the beginning,
Willie dynamite, time to cry and no ice.
Y2k, fallin out of the sky, so it's chosen
Your ice is frozen, don't cry dry your eye
Ain't this a bitch, fuckin glitch. mother fucker what
The count down to my account, count it down
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, hush make that head bust.
Last hour no control tower
Making new may flowers, fightin new powers
Have you forgotten, the other side of rotten,
Picking electronic cotten diggin digital ditches,
Lookout, lookout for the crash...crash...crash..

Have you forgotten, have yor forgotten

Y2k, that's the question,
What the fuck is up got the 85 guessin,
I told y'all for y'all protection
Got me a name change, a pair of smith an wessuns
Starring crescents mad packed with the lessons,
Figure 5% got the 10 counting blessings
Programmed by programs got you bowingto the man.
Avoid collisions in mid-air, medicaid and welfare
Zero zero what the fuck do you care?
All the lights be out, you can't get nowhere.
All around, that's why I found tony brown
The world we know, it's going down...down...down...down

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