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Текст песни Raise The Roof

Raise The Roof

Ridenhour - sadler - shocklee

Testing - one - two
Testing - one - two
The house is now on fire
Spread the walls ya'll
Everybody get somebody we don't want anybody let fuck nobody
Cause you know what time it is
It's time to get busy
And when it's time to get busy
You know what you gotta do

You gotta
Raise the roof because it's all on fire
Not done by the sun or electrical wire
Not done by sons stricking matches with daughters
But done by scratches so save that water
This jam is packed so I just figure
All we need is the house to get bigger
So startin' with the roof down to the base
We're at your service to burn the place

Come on
Come on
Come on raise the roof
That's right
Raise the roof
Come on

With the spot as hot as it can get
An' the roof's on fire - you're soaked and wet
The puzzle on your face shows as you sweat
But your body keeps movin' with no regrets
Chandeliers shake, swing from front to back
Left to right all night - and the lights don't crack
Your minds on the time - hopin' it don't end
Cause it's time to get stupid - here we go again

Come on
Come on
Come on raise the roof
Come on
Raise the roof ya'll
Come on

Stare at the strope - pull your earlobe
For the sights and sounds clear across the globe
This jam might hit or miss the charts
But the style gets wild as state of the art
Dazzling in science - bold in nerve
But givin' my house what it deserves
Served on the floor cause I get payed
Make the fans that left, wished they had'a stayed
Realize my friend - ain't this a trip
As your body gets railed when you do the flip
And your mind gets rocked when we're on the roll
Then the freak of the week makes you lose control
A swatch for a watch - so you'll know the time
Your crowd gets loud and you clock my rhyme
The messiah's on fire and I'm living proof
I'll quench your desire and raise your roof

Come on
Come on raise the roof
Come on
Raise the roof
Come on

In school I'm cool throughout the week
When the weekend comes - I'm down with the greeks
Frat brothers known across the seven seas
Fly ladies of the 80's - sororities
The zetas, deltas, aka's
Women that keep me in a daze
The a-phi-a - sigma boys on the move
With the kappas and the ques and of course the groove
And for real it's the deal and the actual fact
Takes a nation of millions to hold me back
Rejected and accepted as a communist
Claimin' fame to my name as a terrorist
Makin' money in corners that you'll never see
Dodgin' judges and the lawyers and the third degree
Nothin' wrong with a song to make the strong survive
Realize gave me five cause I kept 'em alive
Mislead what you read about my devilish deeds
Mislead what I said so you're better off dead
Make 'em hear it and see it for the deaf and blind
And command it and we'll plan it for incapable minds
Take for granted and demand it from the wave of my hand
Make the jealous understand it and just say damn
When they see me ask a question - how the hell can it be?
When they watch me pull a serpent straight out of the sea
Turn the winter into summer - then from hot to cold
Expand my power on the hour - make you all behold
From the slammer swing a hammer like the mighty thor
God of thunder, you'll go under - then you'll all applaud
And fathom that distance, that the mad must reap
Meet namor sea lord - prince of the deep
Here for you to fear at any cost
Tellin you to get busy or you better get lost
Livin' lives civilized from the lessons I taught
Cities buried underground just because I went off
My friends, enemies - better be my friend
Is the question people guessin' is this the end?
End of the world - are you guessin' yes?
Just say and don't delay it - get it off your chest
Houses of crack - I've seen too much
I go ready - aim - fire - then I'll blow 'em up

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