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Текст песни Miuzi Weighs a Ton

Miuzi Weighs a Ton

Ridenhour - shocklee

Yo chuck, run a power move on them

Yeeaahh (x3)


Step back, get away - give the brother some room
You got to all turn me up when the beat goes boom
Lyric to lyric - line to line
Then you y'all understand my reputation for rhyme
Cause my rhyme reputation depends on what
Style of record my dj cuts
His slice an' dice - super mix so nice
So bad, you won't dispute the price
Cause it's plain to see - it's a strain to be
Number one in the public I enemy
Cause I'm wanted in 50 - almost 51
States where the posse got me on the run
It's a big wonder why I haven't gone under
Dodgin' all types of microphone thunder
A fugitive missin' all types of hell
All this because I talk so well
When i,

Rock - get up - get down
Miuzi weighs a ton
Hold it (x4)

The match up title - the expression of thrill
For elite to compete and attempt to get ill
If looks could kill - I'd chill until
All the public catches on to my material - you know
The ducks criticize my every phase of rapture
Can't wait to read the headlines of my capture
Accused of assault - a 1st degree crime
Cause I beat competitors with my rhyme
Tongue whipped, pushed, shoved and tripped
Coocked from the hold of my kung fu grip
And if you want my title - it would be suicidal
From my end - it would be homicidal
When I do work - you get destroyed
All the paranoid - know to avoid
The public enemy seat I've enjoyed
This is no kid and I'm not no toy boy

Chorus (x4)

I'm a public enemy but I don't rob banks
I don't shoot bullets and I don't shoot blanks
My style is supreme - number one is my rank
And I got more power than the new york yanks
If miuzi wasn't heavy I'd probably fire it
I'd make you walk the plank if I was a pirate
If they made me a king - I would be a tyrant
If you want to get me - go ahead and try it
Snatcher, dispatcher, biter never been a
Instead of takin' me out - take a girl to dinner
The level of comp has never been thinner
It's a runaway race where I'm the winner
It's unreal - they call the law
And claimed I had started a war
It was war they wanted and war they got
But they wilted in the heat when miuzi got hot

Chorus (x4)

My style versatile said without rhymes
Which is why they're after me an' on my back
Lookin' over my shoulder - seein' what I write
Hearin' what I say - then wonderin' why
Why they can't ever compete on my level
Superstar status is my domain
Understand my rhythm - my pattern of lecture
And then you'll know why I'm on the run
This change of events results in a switch
It's the lateral movement of my vocal pitch
It eliminates pressure on the haunted
But the posse is around so I got to front it
Plus employ tactics so coy
And leave no choise but to destroy
Soloists, groups and what they say
And all that try to cross my way
When i,

Chorus (x4)

Yeah, that's right
Public enemy number one in new york
Public enemy number one in philly
Public enemy number one in dc
Public enemy number one in cleveland, ohio
Also where public enemy number one in st. louis
Public enemy number one in new jersey
And bust it
Where also, public enemy number one in cincinnati
In atlanta

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