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P : PROCOL HARUM : Procol Harum

Procol Harum
Текст песни Cerdes


(brooker / reid)

Outside the gates of cerdes sits the two-pronged unicorn
Who plays at relaxation time a rhinestone flugelhorn
Whilst mermaids lace carnations into wreaths for ailing whales
And neptune dances hornpipes while salome sheds her veils

Phallus phil tries peddling his pewter painted pot
But sousa sam can only hear the screams of peep the sot
Who only sips his creme de menthe from terra cotta cups
And exhales menthol scented breath whilst spewing verbiage up

Down technical blind alleys live the wraiths of former dreams
And greeps who often crossed them are no longer what they seem
And even christian scientists can but display marble plaques
Which only retell legends whilst my eyes reach out for facts
Yeah, my eyes reach out for facts

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