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P : PROCOL HARUM : Exotic Birds & Fruit

Exotic Birds & Fruit
Текст песни Fresh Fruit

Fresh Fruit

In praise of fruit I wrote this song
Because of fruit my heart is strong
Who could estimate it's worth?
Fruit's the finest food on earth

Fresh fruit, juice and seeds
Please don't touch, please don't squeeze
Fresh fruit, juice and pulp
Like to gulp the whole lot up

Here's another point of view
Fruit is good for doggies too
Rover wags his tail with glee
When he gets his vitamin c

Have you caught a touch of flu
And you can't think what to do
Famous doctors all agree
Fruit's the safest remedy

Fresh fruit good and sweet
Makes you want to give up meat
Fresh fruit, ripe and firm
Makes them squealing taste-buds squirm.

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