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Текст песни Throw The 'r' Away

Throw The 'r' Away

The proclaimers - throw the 'r' away

I've been so sad
Since you said my accent was bad
He's worn a frown
This caledonian clown

Some days I stand
On your green and pleasant land
How dare I show face
When my diction is such a disgrace

I'm just going to have to learn to hesitate
To make sure my words
On your saxon ears don't grate
But I wouldn't know a single word to say
If I flattened all the vowels
And threw the 'r' away

You say that if I want to get ahead
The language I use should he left for dead
It doesn't please your ear
And though you tell it like a leg pull
I think your still full of john bull
You just refuse to hear

Oh what can I do
To be understood by you
Perhaps for some money
I could talk like a bee dripping honey.

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