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P : PM DAWN : Jesus Wept

Jesus Wept
Текст песни Miles from Anything

Miles from Anything

If you should ever go, don't ever think I'd never miss you
If we should ever say goodbye, what makes you think that I'll survive
Even if you go, I will always be there for you
'cause when I think of all your reasons why
It only brings tears to my eyes

Without you in my eyes...i always find my mind is miles from anything.
Without you in my life....i am deep inside miles from anything

Everytime you cry, why do I always feel like I let you
If we should ever fade away, how can you think I'd let it stay this way
You don't ever wonder, what this is the future has for me and you
Whenever you look into my eyes, baby, you should understand all inside

Without you in my eyes...i always find my mind miles from anything
Without you in my life...i am deep inside miles from anything

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