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P : PM DAWN : Jesus Wept

Jesus Wept
Текст песни Apathy... Superstar?

Apathy... Superstar?

Like you...I'm trying hard to get with you...i guess I'm not so into you...
It's unfortunat I'm not used to any other space.
Lately...I've been trying to erase me...see I'm not into hating me
I've already been driving me crazy, but I can concentrate,
Reach me, 'cause I got you babe completely..am I unsure? absolutely
You contaminate me so well I believe you now,
Truly I care about you so deeply..god I wish I believed me....
I wonder you so much, I've been touched
I think

Everything's ok...i mean if everything's alright.....
Almost everyone I know believes in God and love....
So if everythings ok....i mean if everything's alright....
Well then sympathy you should be the superstar that you are.

Just say so...give the word and I'm vertigo....the existenial romeo
My emotions teach me well with...a God complex
Teach me...this anger tries to impeach me
And consider idiosynncrasicies dameged me so well that I can't tell
'cause I think


Dr. strangelove you should be dr. estrangedlove...everything that ever was,
You're so lucky you get to be you and you're all the time
I do everything with you despite, see I don't dance but I try to
Apathy knows you well, 'cause you're a superstar


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