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P : PETER ANDRE : Natural

Текст песни Flava


Party all night. party all night. party all night(roll with da flava)
Can't bring myself to sleep

So I get the keys to my jeepthere's nothin' that I ain't gonna do tonightdial on room number 211'cos I hear there a jam that's goin' onthe feelin' is so good in my neighbourhood
Ooh there's somethin' special 'bout tonight

And I know it's on'cos everybody's got their groove oni wanna let it goare ya here with mei wanna hear the party sing
If ya down throw ya hands up in the air

The mac's back wid da flava of the year
Here we go there's a party over here

Oh yes there is:(party all night. party all night. party all night)
Ain't got no time to thinkso I grab a drinkthey've got the type that I like and I ain'tgonna waste not timeback in the corner of the roomi see the one and she makes my heart go boomone smile and
Leavin' all my friends behind
Ooh there's somethin' special 'bout tonightand I know its' on (it's on)'cos everybody got their groove on (get a groove on)i wanna let it goare ya here with meI'm savin' party - sing it
Chorus if ya down...
Chorus 2 if ya wanna swinglet me do my thingand everybody jam with me (everybody move your body)if ya wanna swinglet me do my thingand everybody jam with me (everybody move your body)

Throw ya hands in the air

If ya know ya got the flavatake it all the waywith a man like dreflavour in you earfor the year. no doubt'cos I got the wack jamso turn the party outI'd like to get with uget busy. get downi wan
Ck with youjust like bobby browndrunk as hell blazin'up with smoketonight's the nightmother ****** no joke

Chorus to fade

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