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Текст песни Song for Belly Dancer

Song for Belly Dancer

My youth was spent in the orient
Where they never taught me to waltz
You'd be surprised when I exercised
It was never done to a waltz!
It was done like this . . .
But never to a waltz!

In ancient siam, women like I am
Indoors or on the street . . .
No woman . . . dances with her feet!
Egyptian, persian, only one version
No other stands a chance,
Feet are for walking,
Not for dance!

To an oriental fiddle,
You can see them shake their middle,
The feet don't mean a thing
Middles are all they swing!

Even an egyptian mummy
Wiggles her tummy
Wiggles it so an' so
That is the only dance ! know!

< instrumental break >

You don't need an arthur murray
Just a fringe that's on the surrey
Will satisfy your needs
Dancing between the beads!

Everybody shake your torso
Sexy but more-so,
Shake it, come on, let's go . . .
Let's do the only dance I know!

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