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P : PATTY LOVELESS : Patty Loveless

Patty Loveless
Текст песни Don't Toss Us Away

Don't Toss Us Away

Well it seems that everyone we've known
Their love's grown cold will
Will ours stand as stone?
One by one they break.
It's such a shame.
And now you say that you want to do the same.

Don't toss us a-way so thoughtlessly
It just ain't right
Oh can't you see
I still love you
I want you to stay
Darling please, don't toss us away
(ending darling please, don't toss us away.)
Well just think of all that we've been through
The world we're building me and you
How could all those years be tossed away
In just one moment in just one day.


Don't toss us away it just ain't right
To let love just die without a fight
I still love you
I want you to stay
Darling please
Don't toss us away

So now I'm asking once again to understand to be my friend
Oh it hurt so bad to think you'd go still the same I love you so.

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