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O : OUTFIELD : Play Deep

Play Deep
Текст песни I Don't Need Her

I Don't Need Her

J. spinks

You said you see me running
And that is no surprise
Whan I was far from danger
I opened my eyes
Now I look back in anger
For I did nothing wrong
It's just a race for strangers
And this race goes on

I'm so glad that I don't need her
And I'm too tired of trying to please her
But in the end I just can't leave her
Can't leave her tonight

You've got a different story
From anything that I've been told
But you evade the glory
Come in from the cold
Don't wait until tomorrow
Don't push it back another day
Don't try to hide your sorrow
What else can I say


You said you see me running
But that was no surprise
When I was far from danger
I opened my eyes


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