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Da Storm
Текст песни Wild Cowboys in Bucktown

Wild Cowboys in Bucktown

Yes, who's that? boo-ya who's that in the place to be
Sadat x reppin' with the o.g.c. (gun clappaz)
For my peoples throughout the pj's got my man
Black reppin' from back in the day
X files and you know the storm
Homies loc now it's on so you've been warned
Dru ha where you at? (yeah yeah)
O.g. where you at?

Hurricane starange:
Now who's the bearer of bad news on crews
When I drop the jewels on fools they say who?
Give me my props before I quickly pass the tek to steele
Niggas want record deals without even having skills
(yo it's ill) how headz still ain't ready
Down with the fab 5 without the freddy
But deadly perfect ready to wreck any
Bootcamps the best host from east to west coast
Far from fool make moves like spies in trench coats

Sadat x:
Like this like that, I'm tired of all y'all crab ass rappers
Bucktown home of the original gunn clappaz
Use to be on ocean by the street empire
See my man buckshot on bushwick day back in 9th
On the uptown blocks of harlem is where you'll find me
Louievill slug the piece with the top dawg
Strangle that ass raise the ruck down the block or
Leflaur leflah if you prefer

Sean black:
Straight bootcamp cowboys in duckdown
Soldiers heads creep while y'all bop to the boogie
Sound bwoy come uptown to mic check
Keep it moving sound tight so we moving in the night
Remenis me and starange lemonhead takin' dope cause I was broke
And they heads was wet
Now islam on these tracks fuckin' slangin' on them cracks
A-yo dun dun hold me down on the run

Sadat x:
A-yo he asked for it his man saw it
So it don't mean jack to me (x2)
(cowboy status)

Top dawg:
So much unfairness in this game it's making me hear unclear
But making me more aware for when y'all niggas come here
The bottles on and you a gun fool for years
O.g.c. blowin' the spot with sadat
King of the wild places you better know where you at
With your loud piece talkin' shut you mouth or keep walkin'

Sadat x:
In the bk lin stands the bootcamp base
On the uptown blocks is where the comboys face
To stay alive show drimve and arrive with the five
Somebody said it's war I got a boatload of niggas
Niggas from uptown and brooklyn original gun triggers
Clap off strap off make you baby blood wear
They always say it's calm before the big storm

Runnin' rampade through crews it's thee originoo gunn clapp 2
L-o-u-i-e here to bet you, no haps dude
Back up like gas we pass my tongue lash
Upon you wack math no mass well too bad for you
3-2-1 nigga never knew ya, straight to the death
Dug out ville sluggah, ha I crack ass
To make crews look like who's that.
Fantastic like boombastic sluggah let you have it
This brownsville bastard get more tools then gadgets
But keepin' a baseball bat in stash is how I manage
Huh me no need and streets who carry sweeper
Just combine minds and set traps to catch the creeper


So who' that with crew phat just like menate
Large when I uncharge at all the places that I been at
Now I take 10 at a time when I rhyme
Big up east 105th with mad black and dime
I'm the eight black smoker gert neck choker
Mack by the crotch make police watch me like oprah

Top dawg:
Here we come flee 3 guns on the run
Brothers best to make way or you'll get done up by the louie
To thee wack cats I screw he
Ask if them niggas ain't up apon their juicys

Sittin' in my room buildin' with the most high
He game me some advice and said I was sure to share
So yo listen up we on our own you have to hide your chrome
Cause when your pops come home he be
Lookin' for more then a bust, in God we trust
He must of been talkin' about us


Sadat x:
It't the great x I send off to endor
On the other side of midnight engineer get the mid right
With my man sean bliggity this beat right here is meant to be
The brooklyn uptown united I tore down off a pint of this
Here a-yo o.g. don't stop shit
Yo hold the dills we keep shit real

Hook (x4)

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