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O : OCEAN COLOUR SCENE : Moseley Shoals

Moseley Shoals
Текст песни Get Away

Get Away

Well I used to be a listener - there was nothing left to get
About what you are and what you haven't been yet
And some of them like to tell a story that is long and old
And couch it in indifference and the wine
That they were sold to get away
Well someone's got to tell them that it's not deserved,
Rehearsed or written down by playwrights over time
Just picking up on a nerve.
And some of them got a difference that they reserve for you
Well I like them all but I don't trust any of them
Well shouldn't you, just get away
Well I used to think my freedom was a lot of things I'd give,
Demanding on my time but I had so much time to give,
And I used to think that everything was a knee in what you are.
But finding out the truth that hurts
So I never went that far
I always get away
Well it comes down to the fact that I'm now different from the past,
Demanding all my ideals it's just trying to make them last,
And some of the things that you say they're ringing home so true,
I hang my head out of the door and I follow you,
Yes I follow you and get away...

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