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Текст песни Dick on The Track

Dick on The Track

<mystikal talking>
Hey there, sup boo?
Whats happenin?
Come holla at me
Naww come here, yuh I got somthin for you
Its gon make ya say ungh
I ain't sayin nothin, y'all jus playin
Comere, why you actin like that?
Naw for real, come ere tho, mmm hmmmm

You got that fire
Aint to fly, but when I jus walked by ya
Hands at your side, don't you know I ain't your average buya
I thought you live on the twelve-hundred block on tecnuiqe
By tha studio apartments, right off 70 street
She said ya, how do you know that?
I said you live next door to my friend
Her name tazra
She said, oh you know tim?
I said ya we use ta kick it man, what about it?
She said no thats cool, thats my girl
Dont take it how it sounded
She said you mean
I said who told ya?
Me and you can make music, dats kinda what I'm hopin for
Movin like I'm automated
What we bakin?
Mixin, blendin and twisted
Tha neighbors gonn be listenin
She said slow down baby, movin kinda swift
Besides we just met I usually don't get down like this
I said don't even trip I got you!
She said, you sure?
I said yup I got to!

Put tha dick on tha track, and make em sang
Put the needle to the grove x2
Them otha niggaz ain't gonna do what I do!

When I hit ya with tha tenor
Say sapreno
When your moanin
We ain't gonna stop makin racket
Till in the mornin
I say baby kick it wit me all nite
Safe sex, like pot holder on my mic!
Commin thru the woofer, in your speaker
When we freakin, I can see you gettin hot
Why you weakinin? climaxin
While I'm rappin
Whats my name, and who it's for?
Dats what I'm askin
Spitin like wax
All over 64 tracks
Remember shock ta knock you sax
Symbols, and high hats
Gettin nasty with the music
To be funky like a bass line
Disregard it and get ya good sing
Aint no red lights, when I take mine
Im havin sexual intercourse with the chorus
Screamin! hot vocals got your adlibs gettin hoarse
Sweatin the whole session, your circuits burnt
She said baby don't beat it down no more
Its just the second verse!

<chorus x2>

First time I laid eyes on ya I was like zaaam
Tell me, girl where you goin? what's your name?
She said pam
And I think it's only better that you know who I am
Im the man they make high, like the melophones in southern japan
The way I work my aucustics, ain't no comparin
Very rough and aggresive when I lay em
Huffin and puffin, right when I see em
Ya breakin it down so scandalouz
She got me thinkin, when else
Im touchin ya like a massager
Ill be bustin off soon as ya touch me in
You can hear it through the soundproof booth
Fuckin up the roof!
Dont stop, she on top
And I'm watchin em jiggle
No more preachin and minglin
She pregnant with my singer
I don't be kissin and tellin
But it's gotta be told
Now I'm 500 dollas short
Unless we got married, I wed till I was old
To infinite, I'm plannin our future
Its jus gonn be me, you, nobody else, mine and mystikal junior!

<chorus x4, then in backround till fade>

<mystikal talking>
How that feel?
Com here, take dem headphones off
Turn around little baby
I put tha dick on the track, ya feel me
Its like when I get on the track
I have sex with it, I make out with it
We make woopie, we do the nasty
Anyone wanna jus jump on and rush it?
Im gonna spend time wit you
I ain't quitin halfway

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