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M : MULU : Smiles Like a Shark

Smiles Like a Shark
Текст песни Pink Pony CafГ©

Pink Pony CafГ©

Sinking down in down deep too,
Pink Pony CafГ© is here.
Where living is seen as dreaming,
For people who want to stay.

Stranger the people dancing,
Slow motion replay.
In the time that it takes to see it,
I’m back here at home again…
So I say goodbye, so I wave goodbye…

I click once, I click twice.

People collide in the, Pink Pony CafГ©.
Where flesh can escape to the,
Whatever your mind may say.
Go back to forget yourself,
There’s more in us left to shine.
No monsters can come and get me,
Pink Pony CafГ©.

[repeat to fade]

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