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M : MORCHEEBA : The Antidote

The Antidote
Текст песни People Carrier

People Carrier

Well it was '94 when i dug you up
And like the time before,
It was just bad luck
I should have knocked you out
With an upper cut
But you smothered me shut

What is with me,
And these needy folk?
As it starts out fun,
Soon becomes a joke
Before we got a laugh
We were up in smoke
It's rich going for broke
It's rich going for broke

The people carrier
Takes care of our soul
Our safety barrier
Won't let us fall

When you hit the drink,
You're a different character
And it all comes down in a twiseted mess
When you're holding court
You're a big end barrister
Desperate to impress

I see you open up
On a rare occasion
You've been dead so long
That you decompose
And you come on strong
Like a pitch invasion
And the following day the case is closed
And the following day the case is closed

The people carrier
Gets us from a to b
We're so much happier
Now we can see

I nearly broke my back
Trying to bring you happiness
I was way off track
Some crazy whore
Then i collapse
In a shabby mess
Fresh grounds for divorce
Fresh grounds for divorce

The people carrier
On top of it all
Over the safety barrier
And then we fall

A people carrier
On top of it all
Over safety barrier
And then we fall

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