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M : MONTELL JORDAN : Get It on... Tonite

Get It on... Tonite
Текст песни Time to Say Goodbye

Time to Say Goodbye


It's getting late
And I don't want them to stay
They don't have to go come
But they gotta get up, get out
And get on

Verse 1

Some friends came by to kick it
But, the time is passing slow
We're wined and dined
For half the night
We told every joke that we know
Now I don't mind entertaining
But your body language is telling me
Along with your bedroom eyes
Feels like it's time for them to leave

Chorus & adlib

Now it's time to say goodbye
To all our company
So glad they could come
But they stayed too long
Don't mean to be rude
But they need to go home
(repeat 2x)

Verse 2

Baby, I'm feeling you
And I'm glad you're so attentive to my
Every move
I know that you want it
So why don't we just
Play it cool
And hope they're leaving soon
Let's wait a while is what I said before
But this waiting is making me want you more


It's getting late and i
Don't want them to stay
They don't have to go
Home, but they gotta get up
Get out and get on


We like it when you
Drop by for a minute,
Excited that you came by
Here to kick it
Can't they see the 4 play in our eyes?
I think they should realize
That it's getting time....to go,
I can smeak a feel and they
Won't know
We want you to go home
We need to spend 2 nite alone

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