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M : MONTELL JORDAN : Get It on... Tonite

Get It on... Tonite
Текст песни Everybody


Verse 1

I'm checking honey
And she's
Licking her lips
Dancing with her friend, not looking at me
And if I'm not mistaken
This is, an invitation
To participate with me, she and she
Oh yeah


And now they're waiitng for me
...but they'll wait a little longer
I played is 'oh so' pimply
..'cuz I might see something better
So I'll just slide in between them
I gotta let these shorties know
I'm a holla at them later
But right now, I gots to flow
I gots to flow


Everybody get down
Dj start to get busy
Everybody get loud
Ladies start to get freaky
Niggas start to act wild
Let me know if you're with me
Everybody get down

Verse 2

Just like I thought
The night
Keeps getting better
When I see this honey
Too hot to miss
She was,
Sitting in a chair
With her legs lightly spread
Showing just how off the chain
She is


And what she's showing to me
You could call it basic instinct
I played it 'oh so' pimply
I told her when and where to meet me
See playboy ain't that anxious
So I'm letting honey know
I'ma twist her back up later
But right now I gots to flow

Repeat chorus


A party ain't a party
Unless you got a shorty
Moving and shaking that a** on you
It's so good, it's so right
Girl, I'm feeling you tonight
And the time is now
So everybody can get down


Can I get down
Yes you can
Can I turn it around
Yes you can
Can I work that thang (can I spank that thang)
Go ahead baby (go ahead daddy)
Get down, get down

Repeat 2x

Vamp chorus, adlib til end

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